Getting your tow business found in the maps

About 70% of towing customers come through the form of online search results. It is more important than ever to strategically place your company information in places that it will get found. This includes your website ranking well in the search results and having a map listing that shows up as one of the top search results. As we talked about in this article, paying a company to do this for you can save a lot of time and headache for you while you’re worrying about your tow truck business. Paying a company can prove to be an expensive investment up front so if you’d rather put the time in yourself, we’ll share some secrets with you that you can start implementing today that will results in more business.

We’ve already discussed how to show up in the maps more consistently so now we will share with you how to get your website to move up the rankings. The search engines have a job, and that job is to give people looking for information the most relevant search results. If you’re searching for towing in your area, the search engines look for websites that are trustworthy, have authoritative content regarding the topic, pictures, look like an actual business, and have “votes” from other websites. Think about it for a second… if you’re a search engine, and somebody is searching for towing in your city, who are you going to show as the top result? Are you going to choose the website that has 3 sentences, 1 picture, and no other websites talking about it? Or, are you going to show the website that has 1,500 words of authoritative content on the subject of tow trucks, 20 pictures, and 20 other websites that have links to it? You’re probably going to pick the second option, and so are the search engines. So how do you set yourself up to look more like the second option?

As we said, having authoritative content on your website about the subject at hand is crucial. You can make your website look like an authority on towing by having a homepage that has at least 1,500 words written on it about useful information on the subject of towing. You can cover towing rates, tips for picking towing companies, different types of tow trucks, etc… Having a lengthy homepage like this will also help you get found for more keywords that people are searching for. The next best thing you can do is to put pictures on your homepage that have title tags with keywords you’re looking to rank for. This will also help you look more legit and more optimized to be found in the search engines. The last, and probably most important thing you can do is get links pointing towards you website from other websites. There are a few ways to do this including guest blogging, forum commenting, and paid sponsorship posts. There are other ways you can do this such as building a blog so it gets traffic than pointing a link to your site from that blog, but who has time for that? The good news is that you can hire a company to do this for you and if you pick the right company, you’ll see results that will keep paying you back for years to come.

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