Generating Leads for Your Tow Truck Business

tow truck business marketingBusiness comes down to two things: leads & sales. You can have the nicest looking tow tucks in your state, but if you’re not getting leads and closing sales, none of that matters. The tow truck companies that are succeeding in their business are taking advantage of getting as many leads as they can, and closing as many of those leads as possible.

The first, and most important thing, is to get people calling you for your services. It’s a fact that was recently state by Yelp that ¬†85% of small business owners rely on referrals as their main source of business. Can you imagine just hoping and preying that someone put a good word into someone else about your company? While we’ve heard some success stories like this about small businesses providing exceptional service that their business grew into the millions by referrals alone, 99% of you will not have this happen in your business. The facts are the facts, and most people searching for towing services aren’t going to call their friends or family to see who they should call. That person is going to get on the internet via their phone or computer, and search for a local business that can help them out. When they’re searching for towing services in their area, the search engines they’re using are going to spit out the most relevant results. It’s extremely important that your tow truck business is one of the top search results when your customers are searching for you because… how else are they going to find you?

It’s more important now than it ever has been to be visible on the internet to get new customers. You can look in any city and can easily tell what company is making the most money based on searching for their services + the city into the search engine. So, now you’re probably wondering… how do I get found?! Here’s a few tips that will help you with that.

  1. Get a website! People searching for your services need to be able to go to your website to get your information to call you. The next best alternative is the yellow pages. It’s 2016! No one uses phone books anymore!
  2. Get your business registered with Google My Business. This way your business listing will show up in the map section of the search results which will mean you getting more leads.
  3. Run Google Adwords advertisements.

We will cover how to get your website and map listing found more often in future posts, for now we will discuss how you can really ramp up on sales very quickly through Google advertising. If you type in “towing” on your mobile phone you will see the first results that come up are advertisements. Every search engine makes money off people advertising their services so to get business going quickly you can pay for your ad to show up there. To use this strategy you just need a quick one page website on the internet with a phone number to call you at. People will click on your ad which will take them to you website, then from there they will call you (if done correctly). The ads are relatively cheap and gives you a good chance to land a lot of business early on while your other marketing strategies are gaining momentum. Running ads on the internet is easy, but if you put in words like “cheap towing”, or “cheapest towing in your city”, etc… you should get more clicks¬†on your ad.

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